„You can send us broken various parts and products via bus mailroom or courier mail from all Lithuanian and other European countries”

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Agriculture and woodworking machinery

        We weld all agriculture and woodworking machinery. We perform a wide range of works – it can be repair works of movable or unmovable parts. Our main task is to repair Your machinery, whether it is complex crack in motor block or depreciation of major metal construction. We've got you covered. We use welding materials of leading manufacturers, which are selected, depending on the kind of work required after welding. Correctly selected material is successfully performed work. We don’t classify our customers to categories. We interact with all customers equally, whether it is a small farmer or agricultural company. If there’s no possibility to bring machinery to us, we can find other solutions and arrange to arrive to your location. For that we have all necessary equipment of leading manufacturers welding equipment which allows us to work with portable equipment and in difficult conditions. 

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